CCTV & Surveillance

CCTV Video surveillance

We offer state of the art CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and surveillance products that aid you in securing your residential and commercial premises.

CCTV video surveillance is very important security aspect today. You can secure your home, office, farm house, school, theater, Hospitals, party plot etc… with CCTV camera and can control them from anywhere in the world.

Basic application for CCTV camera is connect camera in the one perimeter and monitoring it from globally. Simple configuration of CCTV camera is shown in figure. Cameras are connected with Digital Video Recorder (DVR). DVR has facility to keep recording and play back it. We can directly see all the cameras on a single screen through DVR on LCD or monitor after connecting it to DVR. If we connect DVR with router, we can monitor CCTV camera from all PCs connected with router.

With the help of Port forwarding function (Available in router), we can configure it in the DVR and DVR will allow us to operate it globally. If we know ID and password for that particular DVR, we can view camera from anywhere in the world, even from the mobile also.

Wireless camera solution

Sometimes it is difficult to give video and power connection for each and every camera locally or through wire. To overcome this problem, we have solution of wireless camera in which no cable is required. CCTV camera itself has power supply and can transmit the video signal without wire.

Remote monitoring solution

Sometimes it is difficult to monitor camera remotely where internet is not possible. For those problems, wireless solution is beneficial.

As shown in the figure, if we want to monitor cameras of building A from building B, and wiring is not possible between two buildings as well as internet is also not available. In this case, wireless antenna will be configured. As per the basic configuration of CCTV camera system, all the cameras are connected with DVR. Now DVR is going to connect with wireless antenna and same antenna will be installed at the opposite site at building B. (Assuming Line of site is clear). With this type of configuration, video will be transferred through air and we will not require any wiring or internet connection for remote monitoring.

Multiple antennas can be configured and we can monitor all the cameras on single location. We can make wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and can see all the cameras from any location (which is connected to DVR).